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A stone which was loved by both emperors and artisans, marble has been a revered stone for as long as anyone can remember. Whether we talk about pure and flat white marble stones or those with colourful and dramatic veins dancing across the surface, every peace is a jaw-dropping work of art in its own right. No wonder home and office owners with exceptional taste tend to choose marble stone for their opulence and luxurious texture. One of the reasons marble has gotten so wildly popular over the centuries is because it is a metamorphic rock – it undergoes a natural physical and chemical transformation due to intense heat and pressure over time. It begins its journey as limestone (a soft stone made of calcite mostly), and the heat as well as pressure induced by the Earth’s tectonic plates, causes it to recrystallize, which changes its underlying texture. When the calcite crystals mature and interlock, you get marble. Marble is sourced from many different parts of the world, although the most famous ones come straight from Italy and Greece, which we offer as part of our marble slab and worktop collection. Add some extra personality and character to your bathrooms and living rooms with our vast natural marble collection.


Granite is among the hardest natural surfaces known today, forming millions of years ago beneath the Earth’s surface. Offering a very elegant and timeless alternative to other common countertops and worktops, thanks to its rich, diverse and intricate designs – granite is a very popular choice among property owners looking for a very hardwearing surface which won’t scratch easily under normal day-to-day use. Granite is very easy to clean and maintain, making it a fantastic choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. It is also highly heat resistant, and homes outfitted with granite worktops or countertops boast a significantly higher market value than those which don’t. The one thing that sets granite apart from quartz and marble is that no slab can ever be the same – subtleties in shades, veining and pitting, for example, make for some truly unique choices which you can handpick to match your interior décor and aesthetic preferences. If you’re looking for a stone which boasts a highly unique character, unlike any other natural stone, and offers excellent stain, impact, and heat resistant, then take a look at our extensive range of the best-quality granite worktops.


Quartz is a hard-wearing and non-porous surface which is also highly resistant to heat, spills, and scratching. Since it doesn’t require any sealing like some of the other natural stones do, it is a very low-maintenance surface. Combined with its durability and aesthetic appeal, it has become a top choice for everyone from homeowners and hotel chain owners to offices, kitchens, and more. What sets quartz apart from the other two surfaces is that it is a man-made stone, engineered using 93% natural quartz (typically), along with a variety of polymers and resins to create a stunning range of finishes, as well as a final surface which is both strong and robust – and sleek, stylish and beautiful. Quartz surfaces are also low-maintenance, so they are very easy to clean – all you need is a mild detergent and a damp piece of cloth, and your countertops or worktops will continue to look practically as good as new even after many years of use. Quartz is a great alternative to natural stone, offering some of the same textures as marble and granite (if you choose) but without any of the drawbacks – such as the high maintenance required in case of marble, or the premium price of granite. For the ultimate in kitchen and home aesthetics, granite surfaces will serve you very well over the years, as you can likely tell from our unique collection.

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This is the second time we have used Natural marble and they really did do us proud again! Nasser and his team were amazing and supplied and fitted beautiful quartz worktops at our property. We are really thrilled with the work completed and cannot recommend them highly enough! They not only recommended a beautiful quartz which was really good value for money but they were also really knowledgeable and professional when completing the work. An absolute joy to work with and a real breath of fresh air from the last company we used.

Gary Thomas

Very happy with the worktops they supplied. Professional, great finish and high quality. Would recommend them to everyone looking for quartz or granite worktops. Thanks guys!!

Mohammed Waris

Would most definitely recommend Natural Marble UK very Professional from start to finish done a fabulous job off fitting our Kichen and utilities work tops looks fabulous.

Angela Quinn

We had quartz worktops and splashbacks fitted.. Excellent job and great service.

108 Star

I visited Natural Marble after stumbling across it whilst driving. As soon as I visited, I was made to feel welcome by Nasser and had a good look around whilst discussing potential worktop options. I enquired about a particular quartzite worktop which was quite dear in other places. Nasser informed me that he could get me that exact marble and at a much more reasonable price. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, approachability, communication skills and affordability. Nasser and his team attended on time, ensured everything went smoothly and left mess-free. The fitters were brilliant and definitely knew their trade inside out. Nasser went the extra mile by also providing and fitting the marble to go around my fire from the same cut of slab for my kitchen worktop and island. I had the marble fitted almost 2 years ago, it is still in pristine condition & I'm delighted I chose it. The quality is fantastic, I'm able to put extremely hot pots on it and have cut several things without putting a chopping board underneath without causing any damage. I would not hesitate to recommend Nasser's place. Overall an amazing, patient guy & an amazing service. I will definitely revisit in the future & would 100% recommend.

Fatima Kotwal

100% would recommend. Fast service and have a large variety of options available. We were aided throughout the whole process. The work looks amazing too. Thank you soo much ☺️

Muneebah Mohammed